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Recovery: Post-Op Day #1
The recovery schedule is based on a typical course of recovery after surgery. It may be changed by the doctor to suit your particular needs or should any problems arise.

The morning after your surgery, most patients feel no nausea but some experience thirst. Before the doctor will let you take anything by mouth, you will need to have a Gastrographin Swallow Study in the Radiology Department. You will swallow a small amount of dye while the radiologist watches it move through your new pouch and into the intestines. This is a very important test to make certain nothing will leak out of the pouch or intestines.

Once it's been determined that you have no leaks, you may start taking in small sips of water. It's important to realize that your stomach volume will be much smaller than before and one medium-sized swallow will fill it up. The water will run out of your stomach slowly, so you'll need to wait about 5 minutes before taking another swallow. It's OK to drink steadily, but if you feel full or nauseated, you are going too fast. You must learn about this right away, so you'll need to observe your reactions carefully.

Your mission for the day is to go for several walks, work hard on deep breathing and clearing your lungs and airway. Don't overdo the water on the first day.
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