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Life After Surgery
Having your surgery is just the beginning of the process of becoming your new self. As you heal, it is very important that you establish a different pattern of living in freedom from the tyranny of dieting and the constant nagging of hunger. Recognize that you have made a decision to change your life and plan to use the tool, which your weight loss surgery provides, to control your weight and become the slender, healthier person you have wished to be.

You must always be careful of your weight and continually observant of your behavior and your choices. As you approach your weight goals, it is important to continually be conscious of your weight fluctuations in relationship to your eating.

You must choose to eat healthfully and to avoid irregular eating patterns, especially snacking between meals and eating sweets.
"...you have made a decision to change your life and plan to use the tool...to control your weight and become a slender, healthier person."
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