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What to Tell Your Friends and Family
Surgery, especially weight-control surgery, can be a very private and personal matter. Sometimes, families, friends and physicians do not understand the struggle with morbid obesity. Even though they have seen you struggle with it and have felt a little of your frustration in trying to get control of your weight, there is a common and widespread belief that obesity is simply a lack of self-control. When a naturally slender person gains a couple of pounds, he or she eases up on rich desserts and in a few days his or her weight is back to where he or she wants it. It may seem to this person that you should be able to do the same thing, even to lose hundreds of pounds. When someone believes this and they hear that you are going to have weight loss surgery, they may judge you and believe that you are "taking the easy way out." Understanding will come with time. It will help them to see the results you accomplish and the changes weight loss will bring to your life.

Meanwhile, it's difficult to make a rule for everyone about how to handle your family's reaction to your decision to have surgery. Some people simply tell their family and friends that they are having stomach surgery. Our observation and experience is that an honest and forthright approach is usually best, when you combine it with the confidence that you are making a good decision for yourself and the knowledge that you have the right and responsibility to choose what is best for you and your health. Only you can know the true frustration of obesity and only you are qualified to make the decisions about your body and your life.

Declare what you decide to do for yourself and ask them for their understanding and support. When your family and friends realize that you have taken control and are making a careful decision for your future, they will probably support you. They can then be a tremendous help to you as you begin your new life in a normal-sized body.
Living a Healthier Lifestyle after Gastric Bypass
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