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140 lbs. Healthier
Michelle is now one year post-op and her friends and family are amazed at how great she looks.
Interviewer: What made you consider weight loss surgery?

Michelle: The fact that Ive been dieting for my whole life helped me consider it. In the last eleven years Ive tried every diet imaginable. If youd have come to me 2 years ago, I would have said there was no way Id consider having weight loss surgery because I thought there were huge risks.

I kept doing diets. Id lose 20 pounds and that would be the end of it, so I started to consider it. It took me a year and a half to make the decision. My surgery was December 12, 2002. Im now 30 years old and had the surgery when I was 28.

Interviewer: What was your weight before your surgery?

Michelle: My weight was 297. I had been heavy for my whole life. I had three children and weight had always been a struggle for me. In ninth grade, I lost 40 pounds but it slowly kept creeping back up. When I was pregnant with my 12-year-old, I gained over 100 pounds.

I did Weight Watchers five times, Fen/Phen, Zoloft, every diet you can imagine. I could think of 16 different diets Ive been on.
When Id look in the mirror Id call myself names and be very negative about myself.
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